Our products provide an important base for the automotive industry and its suppliers with regard to the manufacture of high-quality, precise and safe parts.
For each individual purpose, the enquiries are subjected to a feasibility check, so that an economical solution can be offered for the purpose set.

Both our partner plants and ourselves have the needed experience to be able to guarantee professional advice.

Just-in-time requirements, even for processed parts, can be discussed together and an individual concept can be worked out.


We currently supply the following semi-finished products for further processing, e.g.:

  • Shock absorber tubes

  • Cardan tubes

  • Steering rod and Tie rod tubes

  • Tubes for bushes

  • Shaft tubes

  • Tubes for frame structures

  • Tubes for seat structures

  • Axle tubes

  • Camshaft tubes

  • Stabiliser tubes

  • Support tubes

  • Gas spring tubes