welded , cold drawn HP precision tubes EN 10305-2

Welded, cold drawn HP tubes have the best dimensional tolerances (H8 tolerance), excellent straightness and roundness. The inside roughness is max. Ra 0.3 μm, while the mechanical specification exceeds the standard requirements. These tubes are therefore well-suited to immediate installation without further pre-treatment.

Daten und Fakten

Diameter (OD) 30 mm – 220 mm
Wall thickness (WT) 5 mm – 15 mm
Material E355
other materials upon request
Treatment condition +SR
Tests Eddy current testing
EN 10893-2
extra charged:
Ultrasonic testing
EN 10893-10


  • Hydraulik und Pneumatik


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  • Abnahmeprüfzeugnis 3.1
    nach EN 10204:2005-01

  • Wirbelstromprüfung
    nach EN 10893-2:2011-07

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