Welded, cold-drawn HPZ precision steel tubes EN 10305-2

Welded, cold-drawn HPZ tubes have the best dimensional tolerances, plus excellent straightness and roundness. Due to the production process, these tubes have particularly good eccentricity, which is beneficial for downstream peeling or honing.

A recommended ultrasonic test can also be carried out for a surcharge.

Facts and Figures

Diameter (OD) 35 mm – 130 mm
Wall thickness (WT) 3,0 mm – 7,5 mm
Material E355
Treatment condition +SR
Tests Eddy current testing
EN 10893-2
extra charged:
Ultrasonic testing
EN 10893-10


  • Hydraulics and pneumatics
    (for peeling or honing)


Our customer support at no extra charge:

  • Inspection certificate 3.1
    according to EN 10204:2005-01
  • eddy current test
    according to EN 10893-2:2011-07
  • Delivery to your customers of a weight of a minimum 5 tons in Germany possible.

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