Welded stainless tubes for pressure purposes EN 10217-7

  • tubes from stainless grades

Welded stainless steel tubes according to this standard have a circular diameter and are usually exposed to pressure. Tubes of this standard are frequently used in power  and power plants and are flowed through by liquids or gases under high pressures.

Upon request, an additional inspection can be carried out for a fee by an expert engaged by the Fischer.

Facts and figures

Diameter (OD) 5 mm – 205 mm
Wall (WT) 0,1 mm – 4 mm
Grade Austenit, Duplex und Superduplex
Executions W0, W0b, W2R, W2Rb, WG
Tubes with special requirements AD-2000 W2/W10
Classes MTC 3.1 / MTC 3.2


  • Line tubes

  • Boiler tubes

  • Tubes for engineering

  • Fuel tubes

  • Frame tubes

  • Tubes for security purposes

  • Fluid tubes


Our customer support at no extra charge:

  • Inspection certificate 3.1
    according to EN 10204:2005-01

  • eddy current test according to EN 10893-2:2011-07

  • Delivery to your customers of a weight of a minimum 5 tons in Germany possible

Media library

  • Dimension table