Sustainable and responsible corporate guidelines are linked to our values ​​and principles. Acting economically successful while treating our partners and employees with respect, protecting the environment and being socially engaged – these are the keystones of our corporate philosophy. Our values ​​are the basis of our actions and describe who we are the following values ​​and principles help us to reflect on what we are doing, on what basis we make decisions.


ATTEC International pursues a long-term sustainability strategy, focusing on measures that customers can benefit from.
This includes in particular a high-quality product, produced environmentally friendly and manufactured under fair working conditions. This is complemented by the reduction of the ecological footprint.

In particular, we understand sustainable value creation as:

  • Profitable and long-term orientated management

  • Reduce economic risks as far as possible

  • Continuous development of our company

  • Securing the future of the company

  • Sustainable and continuous growth with our partners

  • Business core activities are carried out with long-term oriented partners


The company cultivates respectful interaction with our customers, partners and suppliers. This means a positive assessment of the person as a whole: their culture, thoughts, work and behavior.

Behavior towards customers and suppliers is characterized by respect and integrity.

  • Respectful and cooperative interaction with each other

  • Service orientation of our employees

  • Solution-oriented collaboration

  • Competent employees

  • Market oriented prices

  • Transparent


We treat each other honestly and with respect. We urge our employees to act on their own responsibility and to reflect on their actions. For this,we place trust in each individual and offer both the framework, the security and the necessary fault tolerance to exploit own room to develop and improve to support the company’s success.

Satisfied employees make satisfied customers.

  • Respectful and cooperative interaction with each other

  • Permanent jobs

  • Waiver of temporary work

  • Transparent communication

  • Ongoing competence extension

  • Respect for equal opportunities

  • Inclusion of our employees

  • Observance of occupational health and safety

  • Fair and motivating salaries


Good occupational health and safety benefits are no coincidence for us, but the result of systematic and consistent action. We protect our employees from dangers in the workplace and support health-promoting measures.

Occupational health and safety means for us in detail:

  • Observance of occupational health
    and safety along the value chain

  • Monitoring our suppliers through suitable audits

  • Health care and prevention programs
    for our employees

  • Ergonomic workstations


For our company it is very important that all our employees behave legally and ethically at all times. Issues such as legal conformity , dealing with the competition, dealing with company information, anti-discrimination, conflicts of interest or anti-corruption are top priorities.

Impeccable behavior

  • Conformity with laws and regulatory requirements

  • Transparent reporting and communication for non-conformities

  • Reputation of our company

  • Respect for fair competition

  • Respect for the human dignity

  • Conformity with confidential information and data protection

  • Respect for the General Equal Treatment Act

  • Prohibition of children and forced labor along the value chain


We define quality beyond the fulfillment of our customers’ requirements and ISO 9001 as a far-reaching goal to continuously improve our products, work processes, services and working conditions in order to increase efficiency and satisfaction, reduce costs, avoid mistakes and allocate resources conserve.

Quality management in detail

  • Improvement through systematic handling of complaints

  • Learning from complaints, we strive for the zero-defect strategy

  • Transparent communication

  • Supplier evaluation and audit

  • Company idea management as a part of continuous improvement

  • We are ISO 9001 certified and work only with certified producers


Environmental protection is an integral part of our business practice. We are constantly striving for solutions to reduce resource use, emissions and waste from economic growth. We are committed to using our expertise in technology, process optimization and our products to protect the environment, nature and the climate.

Respect for Mother Nature

  • Reduction of energy consumption

  • Use of environmentally friendly technologies

  • Lowering the CO2 emissions we generate

  • Improvement of resource consumption

  • Reduction of paper consumption

  • Use of energy-efficient office equipment (eg laptops, printers)

  • Digitizing